Electric Guitars - Anything And Everything Goes

Since Adolf Rickenbacker invented electric guitars in the 1930's, they have been a mainstay of the modern music scene. Following the innovations of Leo Fender and Les Paul, they have continued to evolve into one of the most versatile instruments around. Electric guitars let you create a vast array of sounds, opening the door to endless possibilities of musical expression regardless of your style of music.

In developing your own style, experiment with different tone quality, even distortion and feedback if you like.

Electric guitars let you explore an almost infinite realm of sound possibilities from crystal clear, singing, acoustic-like sound to high-voltage, heavy metal thunder and every level in between.

Effects, in either a rack or foot pedal system, let you modify and tailor your sound even further to suit a wide variety of styles: jazz, rock, heavy metal, blues and funk.

Choose Your Look And Sound

Some things to consider when choosing your guitar:

  • Finish and color of the wood
  • Finish and color of the hardware
  • Electronics and pickups
  • Material used in the body and neck
  • Wood used on the fingerboard

Deciding on which electric to buy is as personal decision as writing your first piece of music. There are many factors to consider: sound, quality, and price. By doing your homework and research using the resources available online, you will find which guitars you prefer and choose the ones that feel and sound best to you.

Make sure to consider the accessories you will need as well: amps, cases, tuners, stands, straps, cables, etc. Also compare the cost of purchasing separately or in a pack or package deal.

Guitars and amps are now more portable than ever before. You no longer need to be burdened by heavy equipment and today you can buy affordable travel sized electrics and micro sized amps designed for easy transport.

It doesn’t matter if you play an electric because you want to sound like your favorite rock star, or you are looking to lose yourself in your favorite jazz or blues song, the possibilities are almost endless. A guitar is an investment; it will be with you for a lifetime.

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