Guitar Amps - Discover Your Sound
Through Clarity Or Distortion

The time has finally arrived where you can afford just about any of the guitar amps on the market. Guitar amps have come a long way in style and usability for any player. Before you make this important buying decision, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

What are you going to use it for?
Do you need one for your acoustic, electric or bass?

How loud does it need to be?
Will you be playing live, if so, what size is the venue?
Do you just need a practice amp or one for home recording?

How portable and durable does it need to be?
Do you have room to store it in your apartment?
Do you need to carry it around, if so, how often?

Once you have answered these questions, shopping around for guitar amps is easy and convenient.

Magnify Your Sound

Now that you know what you need, discovering what style and model you prefer is the next step. Owning an amp allows you to make music with the same instrument many different ways. Experimentation can be endless, whether you are searching for rich acoustic clarity or heavy metal electric distortion.

With such a direct relationship between your guitar and an amp, the general rule of thumb is your amplifier should make your guitar sound better. You may end up putting your amplifier into overdrive for extended periods of time, so make the right choice for what you want to use it for.

You can find anything from micro and combination amps to giant Marshall stacks, each with limitless effects and options. The versatility of amplifiers nowadays makes it easy to find the sound and quality you are looking for without being limited to a certain musical style.

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